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Practical tools for discovering your genius and improving your life

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Key Topics

Develop a plan to merge what you love with what you're good at to create the business and the life you love

What's your superpower?

Contrary to the popular saying, doing what you love isn't always the key to developing a thriving business. Pairing what you love with what you're good at is a more powerful way to serve others and create the impact you want to while doing what you love.

What's holding you back?

Many of us want to reach for that major goal in our lives - write a book, start a business, change careers, travel the world - but we get stuck and have no idea why. Examining different aspects of our lives - how and where we spend our time and energy - gives us the insights we need to successfully reach our goals.

What's your plan?

Most of us can't just walk away from the lives we've created to step into the new one we desire. We need to develop a transition plan that considers both the practical and aspirational aspects of our lives. Planning our transition helps when we face the inevitable fear that threatens to block us from moving forward and changing our lives for the better.

The Program

In the Discover Your Genius program, you'll identify your superpower and develop a plan to move from idea to execution. 

 Week 1 

Activating Your Superpower

Day 1

What do you love?

Explore what inspires you and how you can gain clarity around doing what you love.

Day 2

What's your superpower?

Dig into your natural talents and the skills you've picked up over the years to discover your superpower.

Day 3

Defining your dream

What you love + what you're good at is the winning combination for creating your dream business.

Day 4

What's your plan?

Develop practical ideas and strategies to start transitioning from your current career into your dream business.

 Week 2 

Set Yourself Up for Success

Day 1

Are you ready to get to work?

It's time to get organized. Managing your time and your workspace sets the stage for success.

Day 2

Reclaim Your Time

Get back the time you lose each day to be more focused and productive as you grow your business.

Day 3

Lose the Habits

Identify those habits that are keeping you from reaching your goals and develop strategies to overcome them.

Day 4

Deal with the Haters

Haters gonna hate. Discover ways to side-step the haters who, intentionally or unintentionally try to keep us off our paths.

"The entire process was a pleasure from start to finish. I learned so much from Michele. Our phone calls were always very informative. She was very understanding of my constant questions and I am endlessly thankful to have worked with her."

Theodore Helvi’virr

"I really enjoyed the course. The exercises were comprehensive, challenging and helpful. I was challenged and given specific aids to help me accomplish my tasks. I developed a plan and used the time management exercise to put myself on a schedule that has worked for me. I am working on completing the second volume of my memoir with more confidence than before I began the class. Thank you Michele!"

Bernard N. Lee, Jr. 

"Being coached by Michele is one of the best decisions I've made in a while. Her level of care and patience is amazing. She guided me in times of uncertainty and calamity and challenged me when warranted, which brought about immediate change and transformation. Thanks, Michele!"

Tamara Parks

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because business is service

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